One way to look at any type of marketing is to consider it a bridge. You are in a certain place and you’re trying to get to a different place, perhaps across a chasm. Marketing is the bridge that allows you to cross the chasm safely.

It turns out that there are a wide variety of bridges that you can build and a wide variety of ways that you can build each one. The same is true of marketing. For example, you could use pay per click? You could use Facebook videos, etc.

Any bridge that you build is going to take significant effort. None of this stuff is particularly easy and it typically takes months to implement correctly and requires lots of care and feeding.

So what happens?

You start one technique. You commence building one bridge (say SEO). Things go well to begin with. But then you run into a problem. It’s not working as well as you want. Or suddenly you discover something else that looks like it will do a better job (shiny object syndrome). So you stop working on this bridge.

And you begin to work on another one, let’s say Facebook Videos. You make significant progress on that one and it starts to yield modest results. But it’s still not quite done.

This process continues ad infinitum. And what you end up with is a load of unfinished bridges. If you can simply finish one bridge, you will be much better off. But it’s very difficult to finish the bridge and it’s challenging to know which is the best bridge to build.

In fact, there are 73 bridges that you could build. (We’ve done the math.) If you’re interested, we can discuss the chasm that you are trying to cross and help you determine which is the best bridge for you.

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