Is Your Marketing Working For You?

Let’s Grow Your Business!

Attracting clients shouldn’t be hard work. But for most of us, it is.

But what if you have a methodology that is repeatable, effective and automated?

What would you call that?

We call it a Client Attraction Machine.

And that’s what we create for you. How?

Our Process

There are three ways to grow a business:

Increase the number of customers

Increase the average transaction value per customer

Increase the number of transactions per customer

We use a method called Customer Value Optimization or CVO.

Here are the steps:

1. Determine Product/Market Fit
2. Choose a Traffic Source
3. Offer a Lead Magnet
4. Offer a Tripwire
5. Offer a Core Product
6. Offer a Profit Maximizer
7. Create the Return Path
8. Measure and Review the Results – Optimize to Improve

And when we’re done, you have a Client Attraction Machine.

Ready to Grow Your Business?

Why Marketing Fails

One way to look at any type of marketing is to consider it a bridge. You are in a certain place and you’re trying to get to a different place, perhaps across a chasm. Marketing is the bridge that allows you to cross the chasm safely.
It turns out that there are a wide variety of bridges that you can build and a wide variety of ways that you can build each one. The same is true of marketing. For example, you could use pay per click? You could use Facebook videos, etc.
A big problem in marketing stems from not having spent enough time studying and understanding your target market.
While perhaps not the most enjoyable exercise, defining your customer "avatar" pays off in spades. Let me give you a (granted exaggerated) example.
You have an Awesome Product to sell. Or maybe you have an Awesome Service to provide. Either way, we know it’s Awesome.
Your customers also know it’s Awesome because they bought it. They even left you rave reviews and told their friends about it. So everything is great, right? You have an Awesome Product and your customers bought it. Except, why aren’t you making enough profit?