Facebook Retargeting Ads

In life, things often do not go according to plan. That’s why it’s good to have backup plans, or contingencies in place to steer things back on course. The same rule can be applied to your Client Attraction Machine. You want your Client Attraction Machine to operate at full capacity, and have tools in place to help it along when it’s not.

One area where you might run into problems is the Customer Value Optimization funnel. Sometimes, your customers get stuck part way through. Perhaps they clicked on the Lead Magnet, but did not purchase the Tripwire. Or maybe they did purchase the Tripwire, but did not proceed to the Core Offer page. A simple and effective solution to this problem is Facebook retargeting ads. These ads act as a safety net that bounces your customers back into the funnel.

You may already run Facebook ads; however, if you are not using Website Custom Audience, you are not taking full advantage of all Facebook has to offer. Learn more about how to reach more customers with your Facebook ads in addition to ensuring your customers make it all the way through the Customer Value Optimization funnel.

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